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27 Canadians are diagnosed with a brain tumour every day.

Today, 8 Canadians will learn they have brain cancer. That's 3,000 Canadians each year.1  

That's why Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada has launched Hats for Hope a nation-wide brain cancer awareness campaign and are calling on all Canadians to pledge support for brain cancer research.

In addition, everyday a further 19 Canadians will learn that they have a non-malignant brain tumour. Non-malignant brain tumours can be just as life-altering as malignant tumours.2

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is committed to finding the cause of and a cure for all types of brain tumour, be it malignant, non-malignant and metastases.

Funds donated in support of Hats for Hope, will ensure that Canadians find hope. Hope through support. Hope through research. Hope for a cure.

Please note that 100% of donations made here go directly to Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada’s Hats for Hope campaign.

Thank you for providing hope!


Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is a registered charity, #BN118816339RR0001. Tax receipts will be issued in accordance to CRA guidelines.


Donate Button - English Page.png



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2. Brain Tumour Registry of Canada